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About This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon

Buy the DVD of This Sacred Earth: The 2012 PhenomenonCape Perpetua, where some of the documentary was filmedThis documentary asks the question, “What is 2012 and is it the end of the world as we know it?” And it offers a beacon of hope and lots of practical wisdom to those who are concerned about their future.

We all know the world stands at a precipice. But little known is that the Hopi people have been warning humanity of the coming Earth Changes for decades. Mother Earth at her most fierce is coming.

But what if there was a way to “speak” to the planet we all live on, through simple changes in ourselves, our priorities, the way we view life and how we act?

Don Francisco at Cape PerpetuaWhat if we could change the course of destruction, to one of peace, plenty and beauty?

What if we could save the world?

Many modern thinkers point directly to our disconnection from nature as the root cause of today’s dilemma.

Indigenous teachings the world over have long said we are all connected - but what does this mean to a culture that has forgotten that connection?

In recent years, the Inka Q’ero of Peru have taken to traveling and sharing their ancient teachings and practices to help fulfill their own prophecy of a world “turned right side up again”.

Geo Athena Trevarthan at St. Govens in WalesFilmmaker Billie Dean, herself a shamanic practitioner, joined spiritual leaders of the Inka and other fellow shamans at a gathering in Oregon, and filmed other modern wisdom keepers across the globe, finding out what each one of us can do to ensure the world and all species have a bright possible future, instead of the probable one.

Stonehenge at duskThis documentary explains the 2012 phenomenon is actually happening now, as humanity is being asked to step up and create a New Earth from the ashes of the old one, at the same time as the tantalising possibility of having the courage to make a quantum leap in evolution to become “the children of light” of prophecy. Is it possible that humanity could raise its global consciousness, to become the instruments of love and peace we all yearn for?

By understanding the connectedness of all life, and following the beauty of native wisdom, this film shows us that we can.

This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon is an extraordinary film of hope for the planet.

Philip Carr-Gomm with producer/director/writer Billie Dean


(Clockwise from top left.)

  1. Cape Perpetua on the Oregon coastline.
  2. Don Francisco, Inka Q’ero.
  3. Stonehenge broods.
  4. Meditators at St. Govens in Wales.
  5. Billie with druid Philip Carr-Gomm
  6. Billie in a sandwich hug with fellow shamanic practitioners Karen and Sandi.
  7. Geo Athena Trevarthen at St Govan’s sacred well .
Geo Athena Trevarthan at St Govens with meditators
Buy the DVD of This Sacred Earth: The 2012 PhenomenonKaren Ward, Billie Dean and Sandi Hay in a sandwich hug

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