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Buy the DVD of This Sacred Earth: The 2012 PhenomenonThe music in the documentary came from some incredibly talented musicians, and we are proud to have been able to include some of their work in the film.

David Pendragon and Tribe World Ensemble

David is an independent music producer who lives in Canberra and works with musicians across the Internet. The result is world-class music that draws on musicians from across the globe. He won him the 2006 International Online Music Award (I.O.M.A) for “Best Producer”. Tracy Lundgren and Donovan Gall were also final nominees in the I.O.M.A awards.

Early in 2005 Pendragon began to explore the Internet as a means to promote Canberra band Tribe and their album ‘The Gathering’, many tracks of which are included in This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon. He was inspired by the idea of using the Internet to produce, write and coordinate an entire album of quality music with musicians who had never met and, in many cases, had never even conversed with each other. The result was 'The Messages Stick', the first album to ever be made that way, incorporating the talents of over 25 incredibly gifted musicians and songwriters from across the globe.


Marshalsea are a two piece band based in the South West of the UK. The band comprises of Ryan Tippins on Drums and Jeremy Mitchard on vocals and Keys. The tracks featured on the 2012 Sacred Earth Documentary are taken from an album of material which was born from ideas around the Nine Great Rites of Enlightenment, otherwise known as the Munay Ki.


Baz Bardoe, aka Sunsaria, is a multi instrumentalist, DJ and producer with performance and production credits including work with past and present members of bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Killing Joke, Ozzy Osbourne band, Public Image Ltd and many more. His music has been released internationally on many labels and featured on television and advertising. His new album is called 'Australien'.


Malumba are an energetic, creative and original world music band based in Canberra, Australia. The music Malumba plays weaves together the sounds of many cultures, creating a unique and extremely danceable music. Drawing from influences as diverse as Celtic, Flamencan, African, Middle Eastern, Caribbean, and Latin, Malumba's music is as varied as the Australian multiculture. Underlying all is the love of improvisation that all four band members developed during their jazz studies.

Torin King

Torin is a genuine travelling minstrel who has devoted his life to the study and promotion of Celtic music and culture.
Although he plays an instrument that has not been heard in popular music for centuries, Torins harp playing is alive and vibrant, combining ancient traditions and modern influences. His repetoire includes a wide range of traditional Celtic music, the work of Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) and other old Irish harpers, and his own compositions. He is also a lively storyteller, providing the background to many of the tunes he plays.

Buy the DVD of This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon

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